Why should every apartment building have its own website specifically for residents ? It facilitates communication, provides a better sense of community, it encourages interaction via the blog, allows residents to buy / sell within the building, promotes nearby events, has restaurant reviews, daily updates for TV, weather, sport , news and it reinforces rules and therefore helps to reduce complaints. How does a better apartment building website reduce building costs ? It saves on printer costs and staff time. Residents can get most of the information they need about their building and services available from a Castle Community website. Usually a 30 page welcome pack and a 50 page Body Corporate book is printed and given to residents. Once everything is on the website it greatly reduces printing costs. Most people prefer to use to a website as paper work is often misplaced. We also put all of the instruction manuals on the website such as; air conditioning, intercom, etc. The concierge and real estate agents are able to email the moving in pages to new residents which helps to reduce questions about lift dimensions and the move in procedures. It costs about $ 300 to get a service person to unblock a rubbish chute, we have found that by emailing people the rules about recycling and waste management it reduces the about of times the rubbish chute gets blocked. By having all of the instruction manuals online it reduces the cost of paying service people.    Why is the buy / sell page a popular page ? Car spaces and storage cages can only be sold or leased to other residents within a building. The buy / sell pages are free and easy to use. We have found that the buy / sell pages are very popular as most people also have some items that they no longer need and everyone likes a bit of extra cash. How does a Castle Community website help to maintain property values ? Our websites reach number one in Google search results due to the quality. This raises the profile and status of the building. Many residents see a Community Castle website as a very useful service. Some Residents who have moved into Triptych apartments said they noticed the Castle Community website for Triptych and said it was a factor in deciding to live there. A solution to car parking problems ? A common complaint from residents is when someone has parked in their car space. A remote controlled barrier which Residents can purchase for $ 289 from ThatsMySpot.com.au, after committee member approval, helps to solve the car parking problem. What makes a Castle Community website the best choice for your building ? We have many years experience in the building management industry. We are very aware of the complaints and issues that Committee Members and Building Managers face. We have developed a very focused, useful and easy to use website system specifically for apartment buildings. The things that make our websites stand out are; free buy and sell ads, language translation, all rules including Body Corporate rules are in an easy to read format, we help to create a better sense of community, daily updates of What’s On, TV, Weather, Sports, News  and they work on all systems including PC’s, Ipad, Iphone and Androids.    Castle Community